Single Music: The Ultimate D2C Revenue Machine for Music Industry Shopify Stores

If you're an artist, label, or merch company not utilizing Single Music to sell digital products, why aren't you? Single puts power back in the hands of the independent through cost effective distribution, granular data and analytics, and more than one way to monetize your music. 


Single is a D2C an artist-first sales solution that turns your Shopify
 store into a distribution powerhouse. 


Let's look at some of the benefits Single can provide when it comes to owning your digital experience from top-to-bottom:


Digital Delivery: 

Single Music turns your Shopify into a direct-to-consumer distribution powerhouse that allows you to keep more of your own revenue. 

Here's how it's done:

1. Bundle Albums with Merch

2. Daily Chart Reporting

3. Instant Grats & Pre-orders

4. Lossless Downloads

5. Track Preview Player

6.  Free Upsell Campaigns


Monetized Video:

Boost livestream and video revenue by selling access to private content in your store.

Host everything from concerts and album listening parties to private Q&As and screenings.

Here's how it's done:

1. Bundle Tickets with Merch

2. White Labeled and Artist First

3. Box Office Support

4. Auto Scaling

5. Own Your Data

6.  High Quality Audio & Video



Automated Chart Reporting:

If you've ever had to manually run reports from sales on a preorder, or physical and digital sales you know it is the literal worst. (Especially when sending digital downloads through e-blasts like a cave man on top of that.)

Thousands of artists, labels, and record stores trust Single Music to report their Shopify sales to the charts. 

Here's how it's done:

1. International Charts

2. Pre-Order Support

3. Pre-Release Tracks

4. Multi-Store Management

5. Rule Filtering

6.  Inventory Search & Bulk Tagging



Fan Insights:

One of the newest and most powerful tools Single has implemented over the last year is their analytics dashboard. Both of us as companies believe in artists owning all their data, you can get insanely granular with this dashboard and build out your marketing plan in the most efficient way to reach the fans you know will engage and convert.

Quickly identify your superfans based on purchase data from your store for free.

Here's how it's done:

1. Top Fans

2. World Sales Heat Map

3. Top Cities & Regions

4. Purchase Activity

5. Sales-by-type Breakdown

6. Top merch Items

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