Get On Down
Shopify 2.0 Site Re-Build

Metafield Templating

Candyrack Cross-Selling

ux overhaul


Get On Down was sitting on an old version of a free theme with some tag-based custom code written to provide functionality that didn't quite come out of the box at the time. There were a lot of manual admin processes that needed to be modernized, but not disrupt the workflow.

Crooked Youth re-built the site on an OS2.0 compatible theme - maintaining core functionality and design, while implementing solutions that allow the site to be maintained through the Shopify theme editor.

Utilizing Metafields To Create Custom Product Templates

With the ability to build metafields natively in Shopify OS 2.0, Crooked Youth developed custom sections on artist product pages to populate key pre-order and coming soon info all from the product back end.

  • Constant Contact Signup Embeds
  • Pre-Order Expected Ship Dates


    Crooked Youth re-built the entire navigation to get visitors where they wanted to go quicker, by separating out top level items with nested navigation, breaking out different categories of the GoD catalog, genre, format, and artists.

    On the collection level, utilizing Shopify's 2.0 filtering, visitors get a top level view of what's in stock now, pre-order, coming soon, by artist, and product type all of which can be combined to get as granular as one needs.

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